This pool is currently in maintenance mode.
  Jkpool will be closed in 2018-2-1. Please withdraw nor to your wallet or trading website ASAP thank U.
1 : stratum+tcp://
2 : stratum+tcp://
example:cpuminer-opt.exe -a lyra2z330 -o stratum+tcp:// -u Weblogin.WorkerName -p WorkerPassword
cpuminer-opt.exe -a lyra2z330 -o stratum+tcp:// -u Weblogin.WorkerName -p WorkerPassword

欢迎来到掘客,Jkpool.com旗下所有矿池均可使用同一账号登录,自动创建矿工账号 快乐挖矿 ^_^
  Welcome to jkpool, jkpool support SSO login, No need to re - register,
miners automatically create happy mining!
根爷回归了。这是根爷的群号 知道的明白的进群吧? qq群:41071505 <<<<------交易地址!
挖矿地址 : cpuminer-opt.exe -a lyra2z330 -o stratum+tcp:// -u Weblogin.WorkerName -p WorkerPassword


bitcointalk 地址

钱包地址(NOR wallet download url )

如果你没有收到NOR,请检查你的钱包是否是最新版本,并且查看自己的区块是不是更新到了最新谢谢。 这是区块浏览器。

If you don't receive nor, please check that your wallet is the latest version and see if your block is updated to the latest thanks. Https:// this is a blockchain browser.

如果你编译失败了 请联系QQ 102652632

posted 06/12/2017 22:58:41

大家最好装一个screen 这样今后好查看状态~~  
1:sudo apt-get install screen
2:screen -S mining
3:docker run --interactive --tty --entrypoint=/bin/bash mrzeta/cpuminer-opt
5:./cpuminer -a lyra2z330 -o stratum+tcp:// -u Weblogin.WorkerName -p WorkerPassword  
ps :查看当前挖矿状态 screen -r mining

posted 06/12/2017 22:50:22

1:yum install epel-release -y
2:sudo yum install docker-io screen
3:screen -S mining
4:sudo service docker start
5:sudo chkconfig docker on
6:yum install screen
7:screen -S mining
8:docker run --interactive --tty --entrypoint=/bin/bash mrzeta/cpuminer-opt
10:./cpuminer -a lyra2z330 -o  stratum+tcp:// -u 你的矿工名字.1 -p x
ps :查看当前挖矿状态 screen -r mining 

posted 05/21/2017 10:17:35